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About Aleen

Aleen Dyes Her Hair Bright Colors

I joke that I was raised to be a geek. The background noise of my childhood was Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones. Some of my early memories include going to the library and checking out more books than I could carry; chapter books were a godsend and I usually had four or five going at once.

I was always fascinated with computers and my mom, seeing the joy I derived from them, did nothing but encourage my propensity. Today, I work as a writer in the tech industry and recently started learning Objective-C and Swift so that I can be a fancy-pants developer.

I have a podcast, Less Than Or Equal,1 where I talk to people in geeky spaces about the things they love. The catch is that they almost all belong to a group of underrepresented people. The show has enabled me to have amazing conversations with remarkable individuals and forge fantastic friendships!

I’m also one of three people involved with JEMcast, where I talk with Tempest Bradford and Alex Knight2 about the 80s cartoon show Jem and the Holograms. The podcast is a ton of fun, even when the show we’re talking about is awful.

From time to time, I’m involved with other podcasts and write in other places. You can learn about those on the Elsewhere page.

I love the smell of musty books, new electronics, and freshly brewed coffee. My husband and two cats are pretty okay, too.

  1. Edited by my amazing husband, Justin Michael.

  2. I’ve got to give major props to Alex, the heart of the show, who puts a ton of time and thought into creating in-depth show notes and editing the show. I just show up, make bad jokes, and laugh. Thanks, Alex!